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Spiritual Care Virtual Ministry

Tapping into God's Abundance

In the age of shrinking church budgets and dwindling resources for ministry, I'm passionate about providing cost-effective spiritual development, faith education, congregational care and other pastoral support opportunities to progressive churches and other ministry settings.

Are you a church or ministry setting:

  • hoping to add more support for your ministry and mission programs without overloading your pastor?

  • wishing you had additional opportunities for exciting and diverse faith formation? 

  • seeking retreat opportunities to revitalize your faith and reignite God's purpose for you?

  • praying your pastor had an Associate Minister without the high cost of hiring another pastor?

This is OUR opportunity! Let's work together to vitalize your ministry offerings and expand your capacity for engaging ministry without adding extra responsibilities for your pastor.

What I have to offer:

  • Virtual Pastoral Care & Spiritual Guidance 

  • Virtual Preaching Support

  • Virtual Faith Formation Opportunities -- like topical Adult and Youth Ed series, Book Groups, Bible Studies, and more!

  • Virtual Leadership & Visioning Retreats for short and long term planning, revitalization, or Living Legacy

  • And more!

I'm open to discussing and discerning any and all ideas you have! Come, Holy Spirit!

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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